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Online Scrum Card Game

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In short, a team experience three Scrum Sprints with a normal iteration cycle Plan-Do-Reflect. Each Sprint is three-day-long, just to simplify learning.

Participants practice:

  • Planning and commitment
  • Work within iteration
  • Sprint Review + Retrospective

This online edition is dedicated to a single trainer who wants to enrich Agile training or use ScrumCardGame during workshops.

SCRUM CARD GAME is online visualization software for Scrum Trainers, Coaches, and teams who are using the Scrum method or other agile approaches. This simulation lets players experience work in Scrum sprints and brings to discussion many questions and topics that happen in real life while working in a Scrum team. Even the discussion on the table will be very close to the real-life experience of the work in a scrum team. This game is usually played during training or workshop. Participants must already have an understanding of the Scrum framework. Or you should introduce them to the framework right before the game. They can learn more while playing this game. It might also be a useful method to make an experienced team reflect on their established scrum rituals and rules.

Read full game rules.

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